Sharp and Snappy 3

Back again, working from Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics, trying out this one.

The pattern comes out quite cute, puts me in mind of a little sea horse. No time is wasted on fussing about necklines and armhole details, its the vest look again in that area. The side seam is moved to a shaped front position, similar to an armhole princess line, but starting the shape only one centimetre forward at the top. That section is sliced off and added to the back, so you have a back piece larger than the front. There’s quite a large dart incorporated into this seam at the waist, five centimetres (about two inches) removed, so you have some shaping already. It would be simple to adjust for larger cup sizes by putting some bust darting into either darts or easing into the front piece from the pseudo princess seam.

Now the crazy part. You split the pattern below the waist and spread it in four sections, and add some little triangles to the end of the gap between the sections. That’s what gives you the points.


On the half scale form. No clipping or pressing went on before this shot, and the fabric is a medium weight jersey, which on the half scale is bulkier than it would be in full size. You can see that its different from the book example in the front at the centre? I tried it on the form, and there was a couple of edges which just seemed to want to be stitched together. They didn’t look right unstitched. So, I tried it with them stitched and think it works.

I’ve taken a different view, so you can see how the back goes.

I like the angled drapes here. Its less of a clear winner than Stingray, for me, but still has possibilities for playing about with the basic idea. Maybe in a strong solid colour, joined to a skirt part, with some tight fitted sleeves, or perhaps, knitted up in a wacky kaleidoscope of colours, with rumply overlong sleeves? What do you think?


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3 Responses to Sharp and Snappy 3

  1. bela s. says:

    The angled drapes from the back view are great. I like that you stitched it down. It takes some of the volume away from the midline on the lower part of the top and shifts it towards the sides a little. It looks similar to VogueP901.


  2. Wow is the right word for this. The angles ‘side seams’ are fantastic and I wonder if over long sleeves would obscure those lines just a little. It is cooler than stingray – I agree.


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