Neckline fillers

Another quick update from yesterday on Vogue 2946 and its lowlowlow neckline.

Next I tried pinning a skewed bias cut piece – not really a ruffle because it wasn’t gathered. I pinned it to the front only, just to see how it might look. Not bad, but not terrific either.  One to save for another neckline mistake. Then I looked at the suggestions from fellow sewists on PR, and in yesterday’s comments. I should have done this first.

Just check out this amazing creative flow.

Lightly interfaced band à la McCalls 6470. So obvious and simple really, why didn’t I think that one?

Pleating to the CF panel. Could be a nice way of controlling the bunchy bit.

Neckline pleats

Neckband, possibly pieced, maybe decorated with cut out work, heirloom stitching with a winged needle, uneven ruching, uneven piecing with raised stitching, something like HP sunshine tops.  Another neckband vote, with some brilliant suggestions if plain looks too much like an afterthought .

Narrower skewed ruffle, connected with the front ruffle. I think I see where this is going, link the two ideas up a bit.

Bias tubes of fabric stacked to each other, maybe stitched to the skewed ruffle, or inset, or braided. That’s lovely, in my mind. Don’t get me started on it, I’ll never complete the blouse.

Cords, ribbons, trims, twisted into the skewed ruffle. Also brilliant.

Plain bias binding. Another vote for simplify.

Elastic cord to pull the neck up going through the ruffle. More simple and obvious which had eluded me.

What generous geniuses we have in the sewing community! Thanks everyone for all the inspiring ideas. I’m itching to try out pretty much all of these, though maybe not on this garment if its ever to be finished.

Here’s how a band cut in a cotton poplin as a toile and pinned on looks and this is it worn (on someone too small!). The band doesn’t gape at the front when I’m not contorting myself trying to get a shot of the neck without the camera hand blocking it.There’s seam allowances on both edges of the band so it would be lower in the neck and narrower than its looking here, pinned on overlapping the existing neck. Its simpler, but could it look OK, cut in the main fabric, and possibly with some echo of the twin needle stuff on it?

One commentator mentioned the length of the ruffles. This has been bugging me too.This is it with my hand where what I choose to refer to as my waist is. Its imaginatively styled here with a black cami, and grey velour jogging pants, yellow socks and stacked sandals not shown.  Try to ignore that and think of it over some superbly fitting black jeans, and gold strappy open toed heels.  A hem would take at least a couple of centimetres off the bottom edge, and the flounces are already hanging below it. I suspect this is an operator error, the pattern envelope has view A worn outside trousers and the flounces do hang below the edge but maybe not so much? Would you hack some off the ends?


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