Skewed ruffle

Quick update today. I’m trying the skewed ruffle idea to fill in the neck. This is the first effort, pinned on.  Maybe a bit over the top?I’ll try a less fluffy version.


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I design and draft patterns
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4 Responses to Skewed ruffle

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I like the rolled collar- whats your feeling as you try it on?


  2. Pella says:

    I like it, Prttynpnk, but it feels a bit fussy. I’m leaning towards plainer, and storing the ruffle idea for a different top.


  3. Wow! Many squiggly lines! Maybe a broad bias band if you’re needing to fill in a bit. I enjoy that you push the envelope; that’s my style as well. Not everything works but it’s good to try.


  4. Elaine Good says:

    What would happen if you ran a thin elastic cord through the neck ruffle and pull the elastic just tight enough to make the neck look a little smaller, but not so much that the ruffles would be flattened completely out?


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