Vogue 2946

Still undecided about the neckline on this, but have pushed on regardless.

flounce edge

The flounce edges were finished in the way suggested by the pattern instructions, turning over a small hem and edge stitching, trimming away close to the stitching and folding and stitching again. It ends up about 3mm wide, but not as soft and fluid as I’d like it to be. Other possible finishes would be rolled hem, hand rolled hem, decorative edge with satin stitch or something similar. In some fabrics, and to get a casual look, you could probably leave the edge unfinished, which would at least be soft.

The front panel is in, and gathered at the top. The shoulder seams are stitched, and I put the sleeves in shirt sleeve fashion, that is with the garment flat. The pattern gives instructions for set in sleeve. I made the opening in the sleeve end with a facing, not a placket, as given in the instructions. All for speed, as is finishing the seams with pinking shears. (I’m not sure if this is going to get any use or not when its made and don’t want to spend too much time). The pattern finishes the sleeve end with a tie – which looks right with the style, but dangling tie ends  on a sleeve? This is how the right side is looking now.

RS showing flounces and wobbly tucks

Left to do – something by way of a cuff, if not the ties, hem, something to fill the neckline in a bit.


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3 Responses to Vogue 2946

  1. Terry Reisz says:

    After the initial step of hemming and trimming close to the stitching, the hem on the ruffle could be softened by using a single thread technique. My source was a decorative machine embellishment book from about 15 years ago (lost), but is also available on the web described by Kenneth King in Threads. Use the bobbin thread only by pulling the bobbin thread up to thread the needle, then stitch.


  2. Terry Reisz says:

    I’ve been out of the sewing loop for several years, but found your website because I’ve been trying to get this pattern. Despite a recent layout in Vogue Patterns it was discontinued. Whasupwitdat?


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