Vogue 2946 fleur du mal

This blouse should be lounging decoratively on the left bank sipping black coffee and oozing cogito ergo sum with a fascinated philosopy student or three, or lounging indecorously as the fleur du mal of a besotted poet quaffing absinthe at the next table. Or maybe strolling along the waterside beside a captivated millionaire, the setting sun infusing his yacht with a golden glow. If they were me in a previous life, I seriously put the kybosh on my karma.  Pushing a trolley round Lidl, or nursing a polystyrene cup  in the garage waiting for the bad news on the clutch isn’t this blouse’s natural environment. I need practical tops that look more like this.

So of course,  I bought the Vogue, cut the fabric, made it up in 2011. Review here .

The neckline turned out dangerously low, even with maximum hike up  from the seam allowance and sacrificing some shoulder. Beaudelaire was prosecuted, along with his publisher, ”  as an outrage aux bonnes mœurs (trans. “an insult to public decency”) “, and fined 300 francs. (Wikipedia). If I lean forward in this blouse, public decency gets insulted again.

Standing upright, its still a great garment, if not really very useful. I, and several other reviewers recommended it, I was asked to make it up for someone else. I got this far

before she lost weight and interest. A couple of months back I rashly deemed 2012 the year of the UFO. I’d like to finish it, being rather proud of the wibbly wobbly pin tucks I put in the front with a twin needle. I cut away part of the double layered fronts these are worked on. Against a window with a light behind it looks like this.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the rest of it.

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4 Responses to Vogue 2946 fleur du mal

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I love it- the scenerio needs to include a young consort feeding me by hand- if I had any incarnation of this, it would be constantly dripping gravy- drapy things always end up getting baptised on me!


  2. nehmah66 says:

    This is such a sensuous garment. I fooled aroung too long and it is now OOP. Well, it really wasn’t my size without resorting to serious surgery. Not a chance of that occurring. I do like your wobbly pintucks. Cordially, Nehmah


    • Pella says:

      It turns up on ebay still Nehmah. Oh wait, you’re on a pattern and fabric fast aren’t you? If you do succumb, be warned, there’s a lot of ease in the pattern, as well as a dodgy neckline.


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