Is there any point?

We can buy cheap clothes. They get made for us in ways we can shut our minds to. As long as you can fit into one of the standard sizes, you can even wear cheap but designer-looking. It wasn’t always quite like this. Reprinted one year before the Indian Independence Act my copy of  the Pictorial Guide to Modern Sewing has this to say

“Garments to be renovated or remodelled should be unpicked carefully; all threads must be removed and old seams pressed flat. Buttons and fastenings, etc., must be put away; they will be useful later.”

I think I already demonstrated I have enough stuff to clothe myself unto my dotage without any unpicking or remodelling the piles of other, pre-worn stuff, but if underarm shabbiness ever gets the better of me…………. there’s always this.

Or perhaps something like this? (Dress from the Aalto University student collection featured in OutsaPopTrashion .)

More width in skirts might come in handy right now.

There’s buttonhole and pocket fixes, bookmarking those for camouflaging certain sewing mishaps.

Necklines? But how did we get from pretending we don’t need to renovate our clothes to pretending we do?


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3 Responses to Is there any point?

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I think I really want some underarm shabbiness.


  2. Excellent! I’ve actually done most of those, including fixing underarm shabbiness with a strip of fabric (it wasn’t from clutching a bag but from bad seaming, cheaply manufactured). I started sewing because what I envisioned wearing was not available in stores and I could have higher quality fabric and construction techniques for less. It’s possible to have an enormous closet, full, and not have a thing to wear…. so back to the machine!


  3. rosyragpatch says:

    I love these techniques. Even if you don’t need to do them, they are worth a try if only to make a boring garment more interesting. Great post!


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