How many processes go into a pair of jeans! The belt loops, waistband and hems done, finally finished . 

What I’d do differently next time

Apart from a change of fabric and nursing my overlocker of course.

The back could have had a smidge more hacked off at the waist. It looked right before I got the waistband on, but now I think its still showing signs of sway back wrinkling.

The side front piece above the pocket needs to be a bit deeper so that the pocket lining doesn’t peep out in movement.

I decided to make these high (natural) waisted. When I tried them on last night after a cream cake, bowl of ice cream and glass of red wine, this felt like a mistake. Maybe I should have gone for a shaped waistband set lower? This morning though, they felt fine. The jury’s out.

I want to tinker with the grown on fly and pocket extension part and find a neater way of finishing this part. 

Plus points.

A basic jeans pattern with the fit sorted. I can probably rattle off another pair much quicker, with a working overlocker and not stopping for photos.

A pair of jeans for hardly more than 2 euros. Who says sewing doesn’t save you money?

A perfect buttonhole. Don’t ask me why. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.


About jay

I design and draft patterns
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2 Responses to Phew!

  1. These work. Very interesting fabric but they work. Good fun. Please tell me the zip is still holding? I have fingers quietly crossed after your zip failing a while back ….


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