Taste assault

So, table clearish, fabric refolded and shelved,  the jeans from weird stuff saga begins in earnest.

Here’s the pattern.

‘Factory’ folds because in the new tidy spirit it was given an envelope whilst I took advantage of being able to see the table surface for the first time in several weeks, and cut a skirt pattern too. I’m not sure its better than the old ‘system’ of a clothes peg and flinging it into a corner until I’m ready to cut.

There’s not much to say about it,  being a bog standard jeans pattern, except for this –

Why the grown on fly? Genes, the fat in the heart attack zone ones . A separate fly piece seamed at the edge  creates a rigid bump on a prominence. A single fold, less so.

Ready to cut. No toile – at a euro a metre I think I can risk it. 


About jay

I design and draft patterns
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3 Responses to Taste assault

  1. Mary in FL says:

    Progress! Yay!


  2. The only reason I cut my fly piece separately is because it is easier to overlock. But normally the less seams the better


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