I’ll show you mine..

This is the reason for the long delay between thinking about making jeans and actually starting to make them.

I have too much stuff. Here’s a bit more.

Cutting table is also s**t high.


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8 Responses to I’ll show you mine..

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I’m having table envy! I hate cutting on the floor with a mat- your lair wins!


  2. Mary in FL says:

    Cleaning out and organizing are actually sewing tasks, so they do count as sewing! Try to work on one small task at a time. Once you get your sewing spaces neatened, you will want to sew.


  3. Reblogged this on garbethegoddess and commented:
    I’m gratified to see that I’m not the only sewer living on the edge of chaos. I sort and organize and put things in fairly neat piles, then when I start to imagine a project, fabric is pulled out, trims pile up and I’m hip-deep in the maelstrom.


  4. Well, that makes me feel better. Bravely done. My studio is so much worse. Thank you!


  5. Pella says:

    The table is a door, varnished, with some of those metal legs you can buy in DIY shops screwed in. It’s twenty times better than crawling round the floor, but could be a better height, and wider. Though it would probably still be permanently covered in c**p.


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  7. I love the view over greenery – regardless of the piles of stuff that view is perfect. I look down the driveway to the road from my room. About piles of stuff, all my sewing crap that isn’t in use is unceremoniously stuffed in the wardrobe.


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