Jeans maybe

I bought this from the lonely hearts pile in Myrtille several months ago – one euro a metre. Its got a fair amount of stretch on the weft and none on the warp.

Good for a pair of jeans? I mentioned this to the family arbiters of taste who gave me a look suggesting I was more than one sandwich short of a picnic, had left out the jelly and evap, cup cakes and iced tea as well.

People are wearing patterned jeans I countered lamely, before burying it in the stash.


This is the wrong side, shading through pink, mauve and reddish orange, so the right side changes subtly.

And this is it wrapped round legs.

Now does that look laughably wrong?




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I design and draft patterns
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2 Responses to Jeans maybe

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I think it’s a fun idea- I say do it!


  2. Pella says:

    That’s the encouragement I need!


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