Catch up

What I made in London.

The eight gore skirt.

Oh the joy of a really simple pattern.

A dress in those two jerseys I bought. I tried three different arrangements for the black band, as a yoke and as a collar. Not wasted effort, I got a couple of new ideas to use another time. It has princess seams, and a grown on cap sleeve, and a slightly flared skirt. There’s a couple of long darts in the back and front side panels. 

Back pretty much like the front.

Resurrected jersey casual jacket. This is cut with deep kimono sleeves narrowing to a tight long lower sleeve, cut separately, and trimmed with black cuffs and pocket bindings. Its a real winner, I’m wearing it now. Very comfortable, I keep finding happy accident effects, like the way the wavy stripes form a hint of a chevron along the top kimono seam at the shoulder and arm. I’d like to pretend I’d planned this, but its probably just as well that it took me by surprise. I’d only have fretted unnecessarily about matching the pattern.

Burda May 2012 107C dress with a wibbly wobbly panel in the front. I made this in two polyester twills.  Its an easy pattern, a basic shift with the bust dart concealed in the top part of the centre panel line, and only takes a couple of hours to run up. I put waist darts in the back to give it a bit more shape, and also cut facings for the armhole and cap sleeve. I needed to shorten the pattern by about three inches, and did this by folding out a small amount in seven places on the three front panels so as to keep the way the shape curves back at the hem. There’s nothing difficult about this pattern, and you can make it in a couple of hours. You might think the curves will be a nightmare, but they’re slow enough to go together easily, as long as you don’t use large seam allowances. I just used Icm. It has inseam pockets, which I skipped in the interests of not adding bulk where bulk would not be helpful. I’ll probably never make it up again, but would love to see a subtle version in say two textures of the same colour. Someone is probably stitching one up right now. 

I also made a pencil skirt, and a pair of black cord jeans, and two cushion covers, no photos here. The skirt is basic, cut from the block version, two front waist darts and four back waist darts, centre back seam, lining used to face back the waist – so no effort spared there, and the black cord jeans were cut from the next size up of the block photographed in my jimjams post, but given a bootcut, and back pockets with a pleat detail.


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  1. Oh thanks for posting the pic of the 8 gored skirt – I was hoping you would. I’ve bookmarked the notes on drafting it from your earlier post. Will give it a whirl one day I’m sure – the list the list the list.


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