The magic of leaving a half done project screwed up in a heap.

Something happens to those dismal ill fitting, awkward looking rags sprouting loose thread ends when you chuck them away in disgust.

My mother, I remember now,  used the technique on plants. If one of them had the temerity to defy her best efforts, loving kindness, food and water, she would first ‘give it a good talking to’, next ‘tear it off a strip’ and finally dump it somewhere. A few months, or a year later it would be happily blooming in the corner by the compost heap or shed, begging for a bigger pot.

Today began as sorting the outpost stash day. Screwed up in a plastic box lurked a would have been  casual cardi, abandoned a year ago as hopeless.  It almost landed in the bin with the rest of the far too small to be any use scraps, and the what was I thinking/who am I kidding mispurchases of nasty black crunchy sheers,  overly stretchy, way too thin lycras and  stiff as a board poly twills.

I tried it on. Its ok. Its almost good. It only needs a band at the bottom, some interesting buttons and a press. Dumpster magic.


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I design and draft patterns
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