Photo Finish

Inside story The lining has been changed from the original, full bodice lining, to an inner bra only.The bottom edge has 2cm wide elastic zigzagged in. I used this pretty snug, taking my undercup measurement and reducing it by 2 inches. This lining has bust darts, where the outer has tucks, so it will be a bit smoother, and the temporary cups are just hand tacked in. There was an ominous snapping sound as I pulled it on – but enough of the tacking has held to check the position is right.

pattern You can see what I’ve done with the bust dart shaping on the outer fabric piece here. The top two pieces are the front and its yoke/facing. The splodge of masking tape on the left of the yoke is where the dart is closed off, giving a sharper curve, same thing has been done to the smaller underarm yoke piece, but its harder to see in the photo. The bust darts from the block have been folded out (again stuck down with masking tape) and tucks opened out on the top edges.

This is how it looks finished. First idea was to make a neat bow on the shoulder, but the roughly casual knot won out. This is the back – pretty much like the front but without the tucks.

To show how it fits it was going to be a beach shot, toenails painted, perching on the granite and dipping a toe in the brine, with some post shoot photoshop plastic surgery of course. But, rain stops play, not to say low low temperatures and an impressive windchill factor. So au nature, bad hair and jog pants it is.


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I design and draft patterns
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2 Responses to Photo Finish

  1. Lakaribane says:

    Well, the neckline fit looks great from here. That was a fast make, congratulations! (or was it the magic of the internet?)


    • Pella says:

      Hi Lakaribane, thanks for commenting. Its nice to get fresh eyes on the yoke band size. it was fairly to make up once I’d got the pattern done.


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