I need something to wear on the beach. Intentions were to get the something sewn and enter it for Sewing Pattern Review’s swimwear contest. There were many brilliant entries, mine was still a metre of indifferent lycra in a sewing room full of bits of red bouclé coat.

Blooms entry was inspired by Chanel, and was wonderful. She has included so many useful construction details and tips.

I got as far as checking out my swim and sportswear blocks, and decided I needed to redraft. I’ve used Stuart’s generous Pattern School site for this one. Here’s the redraft, using my current measurements. There was a bit of a hitch part way through, when concentration wandered and I forgot to reduce a measurement for the stretch.  Luckily spotted the incongruity of the front and back armscyes crossing one another before cutting it out.

This lower section, more or less straight off the block is going to be used for the pant part of a two piece. Not a bikini or tankini, the top is planned as more of a short dress . I lowered the sides, you can see by my pencil scribbles. As I don’t often get an uninterrupted drafting session, I write notes to myself as I go, on the pattern, where they won’t, in theory, get lost.

I’m batting off this top which I made for a daughter a few years back for the design of the dress bit.I’m planning to use a similar asymmetric yoke band, and try tying it on one shoulder, or, if that doesn’t work out, conceal a second fastening under the tie. The second shoulder strap might prove unnecessary – I haven’t cut a piece for it. I seem to recall that I planned that one in the original top so it would be bra friendly, and cover the usual strap position.  Obviously, that won’t be needed in swimwear but it will possibly need some support inside. I went shopping for cups yesterday – no luck in my go to fabric store.




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