New Look 6429

I made this pattern up for my hostess whilst in London. Its the fourth time I’ve made it for her, twice in jersey – its intended fabric, and twice in a woven. I made a few changes to the pattern, substituting cap sleeves, cut from the top part of the sleeve pattern, adding a strip of the black voile I used for the collar round the neckline and front, inserted between the facing and the seamed pieces, making it a bit larger to accommodate the lack of give in the fabric, and doing an FBA. I did this by adding a bit to the curve of the front part of the side panel, and slashing down from the shoulder on both centre front pieces, opening up a good inch, and creating a dart shape – which was absorbed as ease and extra length needed by the fuller curve of the side front panel. On the right front, which is full length, skirt part included, I slashed across the waist. Moving the pieces added some length to the front bodice at waist level, which I just ignored on the left, underneath, panel, but put in the right panel, taking it up in the gathers where it meets the side panel. 

The only shot of this is a crappy hanger shot taken in haste before leaving, which does nothing for the style. Obviously I made it up four times because its very flattering, the top fits nicely and the skirt is pretty near perfect, just full enough at the hem to give a nice swing and easy wear. 


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2 Responses to New Look 6429

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I love the edging- totally takes it in a new direction. Nice.


  2. Pella says:

    Thanks, tried to take it into more of a genuine wrap look, and improve the overall greyness.


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