Red wool bouclé coat

Or maybe a UFO in the making. The project has gone on hold so many times for Real Life issues, urgent sewing projects, quick projects and not so quick projects fitted in as a distraction, I’m getting that bad feeling each time I thread the machine up with red again and stitch a bit more.

I started enthusiastically enough, ordered red wool bouclé from McCullough and Wallis, drafted my pattern. Hit the first hold up. I saw it as a swing coat, funnel neck and strap head sleeves. By the time my order got there, they were down to their last two an a half metres. Probably I should have said, ok, don’t bother, scrub the order …. but red wool bouclé.

I defy any fabricoholic to stay on track when someone offers them a little red wool bouclé. Naturally I said ‘send it anyway’. Fully confident I would make some other kind of coat, just as good as the sketch in my mind. But dissatisfaction, the maybe-second-best thought is slowing progress to a snail’s pace.

Swing coat became princess style, with a bit of swing at the skirt end, I kept the funnel neck and the sleeves. I’m hoping it’ll be ok, but I’m not sure.

Some fibre mix bouclé tweed, London market cheap, became my toile fabric. I don’t do calico toiles very often – maybe not as often as I should, but calico is not always so economically priced now, and there’s nothing like matching the general hand of a test pattern fabric to the pricier one you have in mind. Besides, the prospect of getting two garments almost for the price of one is appealing.

Here’s the test garment, cut at jacket length, sewn up far enough to test the strap head sleeve and funnel neck look.

The pattern for a strap head sleeve looks like this (not tidied up yet).  You stitch those two arms waving around at the top of the sleeve head together and then seam them to the head. The sleeve then looks like this.


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