Drafting Sewing Patterns

Another sewing blog, with an emphasis on making patterns for garments.

About jay

I design and draft patterns
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3 Responses to Drafting Sewing Patterns

  1. splainer says:

    Just spent an hour+ I didn’t have reading your archives, after discovering your blog from a link in PR. So witty and so interesting. I wish you were my neighbor.


  2. Pella says:

    Thank you for reading and taking time to comment Splainer. I was asking myself if time would be better spent doing things like cleaning the gunk off the microwave knobs with a cotton bud, instead of writing about sewing, when I read your message. You’ve cheered me up.


  3. brynn says:

    Hi there! I love this blog!! I got the Pattern Magic book for Christmas, but have yet to carve out much time to play with it. Now that I’m newly engaged, however, I’ve been doodling lots of ideas for bridesmaid dresses… but haven’t found quite the right pattern.


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